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Debra A.

Borie-Holtz,  PhD

Dr. Debra Borie-Holtz is an expert on the intersection of politics and governing. Her research focuses on the role politics plays in the legislative process and executive rulemaking. Her scholarship and first-hand experience provides unique insights into the inner workings of party caucuses, legislative leadership, and gender. She specializes in polling issues from elections, legislative leadership, climate change to social and economic behaviors. Before coming back to Rutgers, Borie-Holtz spent 20+ years in senior government roles including as Chief of Staff to the NJ Majority Leader, as the NJ Assistant Secretary of State, and as a presidential appointee in President Clinton’s Administration.     

The Politics of Regulatory Reform

Regulation has become a front-page topic recently, often referenced by politicians in conjunction with the current state of the U.S. economy. Yet despite regulation’s increased presence in current politics and media, The Politics of Regulatory Reform argues that the regulatory process and its influence on the economy is misunderstood by the general public as well as by many politicians

Student Research

At the end of every exploration and inquiry, we are surrounded by individuals who have contributed their time, talents, and expertise to the research. My work has enjoyed the support of countless students whose enthusiasm for the project piqued their curiosity and fed their enthusiasm for the research.

Learn more about their scholarship here.



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Research Interests
  • Elections and Public Opinion

  • Legislative Leadership and Governing

  • Women in Government

  • Policy Analysis and Political Institutions

  • Federal and State Regulatory Process

Photo Credit: Justin Evans

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